Success Stories

I am committed to help people change their lives by aligning their inner goals with their outer spaces. I hope you're inspired by some of the stories from my clients —  I am every day.


Move and Empty Storage Units

East Hampton

SK got rid of 700 pounds of stuff after we cleared out 2 large storage units, which is saving her almost $10,000 per year ($850/month) in storage fees!  We also removed rental furniture and created living spaces that reflect her family's focus on comfort and fun.

Custom ProjectHome | Moving


A friend suggested Laura when I finally got to the point where I admitted project paralysis. I had decided to stay in my home long-term, but had two large storage units and a ton of rental furniture. I knew I needed to deal, and it was on my mind every day, but I couldn’t.  I needed a catalyst. And that’s Laura! 

Laura listened to me, made a plan and she executed the details. She knew when to get my ok. She went through boxes and furniture with me and we made decisions, one after the other. She gave me the comfort and guidance to keep moving and deal with it ALL!  During our move day there were a couple of times when I felt overwhelmed, but I was able to take a break and ask her what to do next. She respected the emotions I was having and reminded me of the big picture. 

I can’t believe how much we got done in such a short time. My daughter and I love our home now.  I feel empowered because I overcame all the stuff, and now I am a lean mean clean machine! And I like the new me!


Kids' Rooms in New York Apartment

Midtown East



I truly needed help! I had heard great things before about Laura’s organizational skills and felt overwhelmed enough to contact her and schedule an appointment. I was nervous about finding the time on my end to meet with her as I wanted to have enough time to make an impact. Laura scheduled a few three- to four-hour sessions and was very flexible. I can’t tell you the joy it has sparked!

Working with Laura is a wonderful experience. She comes prepared with a plan and she is terrific at helping us stick to the plan. As a result of working with Laura, I can now easily keep toys organized and categorized. My daughter can clean up on her own as she can visually see what is contained in each basket. And I am less anxious about her small room and the accumulation of toys because I now know exactly what she has and where to find it!

My daughter’s room was overwrought with toys, dolls, random plastic junk, costumes and more. We have almost no closet space so I needed a solution to make my daughter’s room livable and organized. We worked to find a “home” for everything so that my daughter could clean up her room more easily. Laura started by emptying my daughter’s room of everything but furniture. We then began to sort all of the costumes, educational toys, baby dolls, dolly clothing, princess shoes, etc. We assigned baskets to each category and Laura actually made laminated images of each category so that my four-year-old could easily return each item to its proper basket at the end of each day.

She also helped me to weed out things that my daughter no longer uses and arranged for immediate donations of anything we wanted to get rid of so the effects were immediate! I truly am happy when I look at the system in place to handle all of the clutter that had previously plagued such a small area.

Laura is a one stop solution-finder! She comes prepared with her own tool-kit - and her rolodex of resources including charities. She’s always upbeat, positive and task-driven. No job is too big or too small.


Two Moves

Greenwich Village and Upper East Side

An intense decluttering, before a renovation which included two moves, saved significant time and money, and created the space needed to design her new home.

Home | Moving

I’ve worked with LV several times over the last few years, so when I renovated my apartment, I was counting on Laura to help me make it happen!  Moving twice and all the decisions about what to keep, what to use in my new location and what to store was completely overwhelming. Laura helped me break it down into easier tasks and decisions. I wanted to pare down for my new space so we hit every area and streamlined before the move.  It was an extremely busy time at work, so Laura did most of the legwork and research on her own. Then she managed both moves smoothly and efficiently.  We unpacked together and had the boxes removed, so by evening, I was in my favorite chair watching the news. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Storage Spaces

Upper East Side

We maximized space with great shelves that were fairly inexpensive, sent unused suits to consignment, sorted holiday items into bins, and made travel items fully accessible.

Custom Project

I had basement storage and offsite storage and not a very good idea of the contents. I’d never worked with an organizer before and was embarrassed about how my stuff had gotten so out of control. But Laura turned this into an opportunity, to “shop” from my things, to purge, and take an inventory as we consolidated into one unit. It’s so much easier to pack for vacations, locate holiday items, and change my wardrobe for the seasons. Thank you, Laura!


Home & Digital Discipline

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Digital Discipline | Home

I had never worked with an Organizer before, but our apartment was not working for us, and I had a window in between two jobs to make progress. Thankfully, Laura was recommended to me and she helped me jump start a stalled decorating project. I was only half moved into a post divorce apartment. We started by identifying which furniture should be in my bed room, my daughter’s and the living area. My daughter now has access to her clothes, her books, toys and a special place for her collections. She’s begun to get dressed on her own and cleaning up is much easier.

The biggest change for me personally was that we digitized my life! I love my new setup on Trello, Gmail (with a calendar for daughter’s schedule) and Evernote for ideas and inspiration. It’s great to get project management out of email, and keep work and personal lives separate. I love my digital discipline, and the customized system we set up is still working for me, over a year later. In fact, I’ve been sharing Laura’s tips with others. She changed my life in simple yet meaningful ways that have significant ripple effects at my job and in my personal life.

Office Organization and Move


Moving | Office

With LV’s help I was able to significantly reduce the stuff I have in my office, allowing me to evaluate a potential move to a smaller office. With the information we gathered, I was able to renegotiate my existing space and lease, resulting in almost $12,000 savings annually.

When Laura arrived, I didn’t even know that our office complex had a shredding service. Working together for several hours, with Laura’s knowledge of what needs to be kept for financial and tax purposes, we were able to shred about HALF of my office documents, organize what was left over for easy access, AND make space for important reference materials, on a bookcase spine-up, so I can easily retrieve them and keep up the system.