Most of my clients are feeling overwhelm and frustration — either because they aren't happy with their current routines and systems, or because they want to prepare for a transition but don't know where to start.  

One client started to open mail week after week, but each time she couldn't make a dent — the pile had already gotten too big.  So she'd walk away, knowing there were unpaid bills and other "hot items" in the pile, but not ready to face it.   

Many clients continue to feel like they are ready to purge — old clothes, electronic devices, unused kitchen appliances — but the thought of dealing with each individual item is just too much and it seems much easier to do nothing than to get started.  

Finding the entry points where you can make significant strides in a set amount of time is what we do together. It creates momentum and gives the instant gratification that helps us reach the longer-term goals.   

Let's work together to edit and customize your spaces to maximize your use and enjoyment.




Assessment Call and possibly In-Person Visit

Action Plan including Goals, Ideas, Resources and Potential Purchases for Storage and other Tools

Sort and Edit in each Major Space

Evaluate Items and Space in each Major Space and in Total

Purchase, Pickup/Delivery, Install Customized Solutions

Donate, Sell or Recycle

Final Touches