Services Overview


Every home, every closet, every project is unique. The solutions I provide are customized for you based on your goals, your routine, and your preferences.

We start with a 15- to 20-minute phone conversation so I can learn about your situation and your needs. 

From there you can send me a few photos of specific areas you’d like to work on, or for larger projects we can schedule an In-Person Assessment (usually about 45 minutes), so I can better understand your projects and goals, estimate the time we’ll need, and determine whether package or daily rates would work best.  I often start working with you the same day as our visit.



Customized solutions to maximize your use and enjoyment of your space.


Maximize the use of space in your closets, and develop customized solutions for the long run.


closet style and organize

Curate your wardrobe and organize your closet customized for your daily routine and lifestyle. 



Turn your move into an opportunity to get on top of your stuff, so you can leave smoothly and start fresh in your new home or office.


Save energy and space with customized  decisions and systems about what to keep on your desk in your files and bookcases, and on your computer.

Digital Discipline

Get control of your Email and other digital inputs and materials. Customized use of technology, systems & routines that work for you to make managing your life and communications easier.


Custom Project

If your situation or project doesn't fit neatly into the services above,  I'm happy to put together a custom solution.  My expertise can jumpstart you out of project paralysis that's probably causing you frustrating and could be costing you time, money, or both.

Recent custom projects have included:

Organizing and/or clearing out storage

Sale and donation of wardrobe items

Review of electronics and wiring

Photo archiving and presentation