Physical and mental clutter can be a drain on energy and focus. But most of my clients often don't know where to start.  I help with the decisions of what each part of the clutter represents and what action needs to be taken.  We scan, we shred, we toss.  And usually the simple success of cleaning out the first drawer of documents gives the positive incentive to power through.

When there's less, you can find things more easily, prioritize more productively and work more smoothly. There's no better feeling than to watch the shredders lighten your load by half, or even more! 

This goes for digital clutter as well. Feel like your email is out of control? Calendar filled with agenda items that aren't really necessary? These issues are sometimes harder to identify than the physical ones, but just as important to address. I work with you to create a customized digital productivity map so that the decisions we make together can be visualized and repeated. 




Assessment Call or Visit

Action Plan including Goals, Ideas, Resources and Potential Purchases for Storage and other Tools

Sort and Edit

Scan, Shred or Recycle

Label and Finetune

Purchase, Install, Organize

Can include:

Digital Organization

Email Management