I launched LV Organizing because I want to improve people's lives — teaching and learning as I work one-on-one with New Yorkers to provide each of my clients sustainable solutions that match their work style, aesthetic concerns and project needs so that they can stress less, and enjoy more. 

Growing up in Georgia, I was my Aunt Ethel’s favorite because I was always ready to organize her pantries and closets.  In college, classmates made copies of my carefully rewritten notes for studying, even when they hadn't missed class.  In New York, I used my project management skills to avoid working "all nighters" through years of investment banking.  Then I put those skills to work moving abroad. Through the years, I have became known as the "Resource Queen" for friends and family, and received more gifts and dinners than I can count in return for organizing spaces and managing projects.  Finally, in-between jobs, my schedule started to fill up with so many organizing requests that I formed my company and committed full-time. That was the beginning of LV Organizing, and my journey to help people, one customized solution at a time, continues today.

Professional Bio

Born and raised in Georgia, Laura went to school in Virginia and has lived in New York City for 20 years, including a couple of extended trips abroad. When she’s not working on organizing projects, you can find her spending time with friends and family, enjoying NYC restaurants, traveling and volunteering. Laura's customized organizing solutions and systems are based on conscious decision-making about the commitments we make to ourselves and to others and how those commitments are prioritized and realized through our everyday thinking, actions, schedule and possessions.